Provillus Reviews

Provillus Reviews

Provillus Hair Loss Supplement Reviews

I have often heard it said that the major problem that people have when they are contemplating the purchase of provillus or any other supplement online is mainly the numerous shady, dubious and unreliable provillus reviews that they come across on various other websites that have numerous provillus reviews published on them.

Having said this, I am not implying that one must not go through provillus or other product reviews that are present online before purchase for there is still a lot of information about the products that can be gathered from the reviews.

A lot of the provillus reviews are written by people who have never used the product because many men and women have used provillus for their hair loss are shy and embarrassed about publicly discussing their purchase of a hair growth treatment.

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Hair loss is a problem that plagues both numerous men and women worldwide each year and it is certainly worth reading some of the provillus reviews that are online.

Most provillus reviews are centered on the ingredients (components) and benefits of the product and never mention the adverse effects (side effects).

What you will find below is a truthful provillus review that does not only highlight all the good stuff about the product but the unwanted effects too.

Here's a Provillus review that not only tells you what provillus is and does, how it does it and completely restore your lost hair but also the side effects. Get more provillus reviews »

Provillus Information

Provillus is an all-natural hair loss hair product designed to prevent hair loss and increase hair growth on the head of an individual. It is a categorized as a supplement and you therefore do not need any prescription to purchase it. The main active ingredient in it is Minoxidil.

Provillus is clinically proven and approved by FDA as a hair regrowth product. It is available in spray form, thus making it easy to carry and use this hair growth product.

Provillus is available from the official manufacturer's website for the millions of people who are losing their hair. Provillus for men can be ordered directly from their website here.

Being recommended by doctors and having in its formula ingredients essential for hair growth, provillus has helped consumers fight against hair loss with resultant beneficial optimal hair growth.

While a balanced diet with a range of foods will provide the minerals, vitamins and nutrients essential for a healthy hair and body, provillus will strengthen hair strands and encourage regrowth of healthy hair.

Provillus is effective for both Men and Women

Provillus for Men

Provillus Women

Provillus Side Effects

The vast number of people using provillus to achieve hair growth there will be no side effects whatsoever. However, for the very small minority, there could be some adverse effects but these are not serious nor life threatening. Side effects may be triggered by;

* Interaction between provillus and any other medications that you may be taking
* Using larger quantities that recommended by the manufacturer or
* Simply due to the users immune system's intolerance of minoxidil

Minoxidil, the active agent in provillus has some side effects that have been identified by a very small minority of users;

- Hair flakiness and hair dryness
- Warm or red skin
- Dizziness or feeling of lightheadedness
- Swelling of the lips and/or tongue
- Minor stomach upset
- Heart palpitations

Provillus more rare side effects of provillus include:

- Swelling of limbs, especially hands
- Weight gain
- Numbness in the feet
- Blurry vision

It is highly advisable that people who are taking other medications, who are pregnant or breast feeding should seek their doctor's advice before using provillus.

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Despite some side effects, provillus remains the most effective and the most successful hair regrowth supplement worldwide.

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Provillus Hair Treatment for Men and Women

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