Is Provillus A Scam

Is Provillus A Scam?

Provillus is a natural hair regrowth product that is used topically twice a day. Its active ingredient, minoxidil 5%, was the first hair loss ingredient approved by the FDA. Is Provillus A Scam? The clinical trials show evidence that it is an effective baldness/hair loss remedy.

Provillus Is Not A Scam, Buy Now

Results of a clinical trial about topical minoxidil 5% were published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology. The conclusion was that minoxidil 5% was better than minoxidil 2% and better than a placebo at regrowing hair in men with male pattern baldness.

The producer of Provillus has provided different products for men and women. Women should not use the same product as the product specified for men, but the product for women is readily available on the same website that you can find Provillus for Men. You just have to click on the For Women section.

Provillus producer emphasizes that each person who experiences hair loss has their own unique hair loss experience and needs. Using their topical spray, you can target the exact place where you need the active ingredient to go to work.
Provillus Is Not A Scam, Buy Now

Provillus is being marketed as the only spray system proven to regrow hair. The spray allows you to point and shoot right where hair regrowth is needed. The product comes in a topical solution that can be applied through dropper onto the dry hair and scalp.

Provillus includes the FDA-approved active ingredient minoxidil 5%. Along with minoxidil, Provillus has other natural ingredients listed by the manufacturer as alcohol, propylene glycol, purified water, and natural vitamins, minerals and herbs.

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Provillus Is Not A Scam, Buy Now

Is Provillus A Scam?

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